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Target group

Obstetricians, gynecologists, midwives, expectant mothers.


Expectant mothers who are under the care of a midwife or a hospital don’t always receive consistent and/or correct information. This lack of clear information can result in unwelcome and unnecessary feelings of anxiety during pregnancy.


The app aims to alleviate the feelings of insecurity and anxiousness that are often paired with pregnancy by providing clear and customized information.


  • Based on the filled out medical profile, the expectant mother will be categorized into one of the five care programs.
  • The medical profile can be shared with a healthcare provider as of the first appointment.
  • Information about the pregnancy is shared with the expectant mother in keeping with the timeframe as set by her specifically assigned care program; i.e. the right information at the right time!
  • All information originates from the extensive library based on the guidelines and policies of the KNOV (Royal Dutch Organisation of Midwives) and the NVOG (Dutch Society for Obstetrics and Gynaecology).
  • The baby’s heartbeat, blood pressure, weight and significant dates can be recorded,
    and photos can be taken.
  • ZwApp contains the details of the participating regional healthcare centers providing obstetric care.
  • ZwApp can be adjusted to portray the look & feel, specific content and policies of each Dutch regionally organized obstetric care organization.


VSV De Slinge / Slingeland Ziekenhuis


Website ZwApp

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Healthcare value

It is believed that expectant mothers will be better informed and prepared when they go for their medical appointments.
A currently ongoing master-thesis case study should demonstrate whether or not expectant mothers actually call up less with questions and feel less insecure about their pregnancies.

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