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Lots of companies develop apps, but Mobile Health is a specialty in its own right. It’s no small feat to think up, develop and implement the most appropriate mobile solution together with healthcare professionals and patients. Our solid experience in both related sectors allows us to confidently say that we know the ropes really well.


A sound Mobile Health application demands a well-thought-out development process. After all it’s about far more than just programming; the user’s expectations need to be surpassed, it must be safe and validated, and it probably needs to be CE-certified as well. We know how to go about all this!


We believe that mHealth will change the face of healthcare for ever, above all else because patients will have insight into what is happening with their own bodies and use that insight to obtain better care. Synappz wants to play a leading role in this advancement.


We feel privileged to be helping our many fantastic clients with their exciting projects. Every Mobile Health application is masterminded with passion and developed with utmost care. There are still countless opportunities for mHealth out there; possibly your app could help fulfill one of the many current shortcomings.

Partners and medical organizations who we collaborate with

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