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Synappz Mobile Health

Synappz’s origins lie in the medical, Life Sciences as well as business sectors. It is founded on a solid base of over 20 years of experience in R&D, human and veterinary health care, as well as the business side of the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, we have an almost untamable passion for all things digital. We are still active in the medical environment and thereby understand the problems it faces all too well.

The issues currently faced by the healthcare sector – spearheaded by spiraling costs – should by no means be underestimated. We believe that mHealth can offer unprecedented opportunities to curtail these costs, and to improve the quality of care in general. The potential advantages for patients as well as for all healthcare professionals are manifold.

Health is a shared responsibility between all concerned stakeholders. Doctors, patients, pharmaceutical companies and health insurers will start to realize that high-quality instruments for ‘self-health management’ are finally becoming available. Synappz Mobile Health holds all the right cards to play a proactive role and we believe it is our responsibility to help lead the way forward.

What can you get us excited about?

Taking stock

A vision addressing a specific healthcare problem usually lies at the basis of a desire to implement a certain mHealth solution. It is important to adopt a coherent procedure in order to further fine-tune the concept.


A functional design is the basis for the blueprint of a Mobile Health application. Once this has been fine-tuned one can commence with the next step: the actual design of the medical app.


Writing the code for a medical app’s front-end and back-end is a task for specialists. Depending on the used platform (iOS or Android), either Objective-C or Java are used.

Value creation

The time that a spot in the App Store was a guarantee for success has come and gone. A medical app needs to create an added value for healthcare in general, the patients, and/or healthcare professionals. We have the know-how to help you achieve just that.

Partners and medical organizations who we collaborate with

We would love to hear from you!

Do you, just like us, have a dream, an idea or a vision that you would like to further develop or implement? Call us for an appointment and we will gladly welcome you to our offices in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.

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