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Target group

Physiotherapy patients and physiotherapists.


Exercises lie at the basis for the proper treatment of muscle and joint pains by a physiotherapist. However, not everyone is able to adhere to the exercise regimen seeing as they tend to forget how to correctly carry out the exercises; this has an obvious negative effect on the healing process. Physiotherapists often provide their patients with written instructions, or the patients need to look for videos on how to carry out the exercises.


Improve the healing process by providing clear instructions for the exercises that are most commonly prescribed by physiotherapists, set reminders and keep track of the results.


  • Unique navigation thanks to interactive 3D technology.
  • Most common neck, shoulder, wrist, hip, knee and ankle exercises are included.
  • Concise information about the exercises.
  • Keep track of how each exercise was experienced, along with the pain level, and take notes.
  • The timeline with carried out exercises and their results can be shared with the physiotherapist.
  • Create a personalized exercise schedule along with push notification reminders.


Fysiotherapiecentrum Heesch

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Healthcare value

The overall healing process is enhanced; the fact that the prescribed exercises can be easily consulted and that a personalized schedule can be created, results in the patients being more compliant.


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