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Target group

Patients with metabolic disorders and dietitians.


Metabolic disorders are rare and are caused by the lack of a specific enzyme in the cells. Since 2007, the heel prick test (Guthrie test) is used to screen newborns for 14 different kinds of metabolic disorders. Patients who are diagnosed with a metabolic disorder have the lifelong task of recording exactly which nutrients they have consumed and need to take dietary supplements. This constant keeping track of their diet is very burdensome for most patients.


To provide patients with metabolic disorders a digital tool to help them with the day-to-day management of their stringent diets, as well as to give them insight into the effects of their diet.


  • Select different protein metabolic disorders (PKU, HCU, TYR, MSUD, MMA/PA, GA1, IVA, UCD), each with their own algorithm.
  • Keep track of diet by recording how many proteins have been consumed and set this off against the maximum intake allowance.
  • Keep track of consumed amino acid substitutions and set this off against the recommended intake.
  • Calculator to make simple calculations for Exchanges and grams of protein.
  • Input blood values.
  • Visual presentation of the input data over time.
  • Feedback from the LowPro Coach: automated messages based on data input.
  • Input meetings and notes.
  • Information about the relevant substitutions.


Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition

Soon available to download

Healthcare value

Provides patients with greater insight into their daily diets.
Digital interventions result in a better adherence to the diet.

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