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Target group

Patients with rheumatism, rheumatologists and physiotherapists.


Tying shoelaces, brushing teeth, turning on a tap…..these everyday actions can be very problematic for those who suffer from rheumatism. Even taking medication and carrying out exercises can become a serious challenge. Certain patients opt to keep a diary but these are often rather incomplete.


Provide rheumatism sufferers with a tool to help them regain some control over their
chronic condition.


  • The patient can keep track of how he/she feels (happy, tired, pain, energy).
  • The patient can indicate what made him/her feel proud (positive reinforcement) and what he/she felt less good about.
  • Taken medicines can be recorded in a list and an overview of the medicines that need to be taken on a day-by-day basis is provided.
  • An agenda function helps patients keep track of their important appointments.
  • Findings are graphically reported; these can be easily shared with the healthcare provider.
  • All results are displayed on one timeline, thereby providing a clear overview of the course of
    the disease.



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Healthcare value

Rheumatism sufferers are provided greater insight –beyond the purely medical– into the course of their disease.
Rheumatologists gain a better understanding of the patient’s situation and can thereby optimize their treatment.

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