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Target group

Patients who undergo a hernia surgery or keyhole surgery of the gallbladder, ovaries or fallopian tubes. This will soon be extended to other types of surgery.


Recovery after surgery doesn’t always go as planned. At times, the advice that patients receive is contradictory and they are uncertain about whom they can contact once they have been discharged from the hospital. This ambiguous situation can lead to feelings of disappointment and insecurity, psychological complaints, and a delayed return to work.


Together with several physicians, a clear set of recovery guidelines was drawn up and the requirements of the patients were inventoried. This information was used to create a healthcare program, of which the iRecover website is an integral part.


  • The patient and his/her physician create a pre-operative profile, in which the patient’s activity pattern is determined (including a pedometer)..
  • The patient and his/her physician create a post-operative profile, in which they establish the time frame for resuming specific activities.
  • The patient records his/her activities after being discharged from the hospital (including pedometer) and can consult with their treating physician about adjusting the recovery plan when necessary.



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Healthcare value

A quicker hospital discharge thanks to being better prepared and informed.
Meticulous guidance of the recovery process as based on a predefined plan.
The patient is less apprehensive after surgery resulting in a smoother recovery process.

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