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Learn about the future of digital healthcare.

mHealth, also known as Mobile Health, is based on the implementation of digital tools to improve healthcare; its advance is unstoppable. Digital technology has already proven itself to be highly disruptive in specific markets. Technological advancements come about fast, at an exponential pace, and the majority of stakeholders have trouble keeping up with the developments.

Over the years, Synappz Mobile Health has acquired a wealth of experience pertaining to mHealth development and its implementation, and now we would like to share this expertise with others. Our mHealth Academy enables interested parties to learn all there is to know about Mobile Health in a safe setting. The Academy is composed of modules based on our Mobile Health Design Canvas and can therefore be easily poured into a tailor-made solution. You bring the questions and we’ll take care of the rest.

The mHealth Academy is based on
the Mobile Health Design Canvas


An organization must approach digital care in an ethically correct manner; this principle lies at the basis of the Canvas.


Trust in a Mobile Health developer increases when the appropriate organizational and technological considerations have been put in place. The NEN7510 and ISO27001 standards provide the basics that need to be complied with.


To what extent can a mobile health application truly create added-value? Users need to intrinsically believe that an actual problem is being dealt with.


How do I feel when using the application, has enough thought gone into my problem, and how user-friendly is the application?


In a perfect world, we would all speak the same language. Unfortunately, that’s far from the case in the world of healthcare. Interoperability is a priority for many, but it’s all easier said than done.


Development is just one aspect, but the durable implementation of mobile health is a different matter altogether. The healthcare sector’s revenue model has only limited space available for innovation. How should one deal with this?

Do you want to find out more about our mHealth Academy
and our Mobile Health Design Canvas?

De Synappz Mobile Health Academy is available to anyone who wishes to organize it via their own organization. Synappz’s regular clients can even benefit from it for free.*

*) Ask your Synappz contact person about the conditions

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