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Taking stock

A vision addressing a specific healthcare problem usually lies at the basis of a mHealth solution; for example, the wish to improve doctor-patient communication, or to address the lack of experience-sharing between healthcare professionals. But often that vision/idea, and how to put it into practice, is not crystal clear or fully developed. It is important to adopt a coherent procedure in order to further fine-tune the concept.

Synappz offers several workshops

Types of workshops

Synappz Mobile Health offers three different types of workshop. The Functional Design Workshop has been created for clients who already know that a medical app is the solution they are looking for and are now focusing on working out its functionalities. After the workshop, the participant will receive a document with a clear functional description of the app, screen flows, and insight into the technology behind the medical app. This document is often used to make a first cost assessment.

For the most part, we deal with customers who realize that mHealth has an important role to play in the healthcare sector, but who don’t really see how it can be concretely implemented for their own areas of expertise. For this group we have created the Discovery Workshop; an interactive quest to uncover the user’s exact needs and to translate these into functional requirements. This workshop provides a slightly broader explorative approach, and sometimes it can even come to light that a mobile solution is not necessarily the best option.

The development of a medical app is only one of the elements comprising an overall mHealth solution. What about the business model behind the medical app? How can one create added-value, not only for the end-user but for the innovator of the medical app as well? This added-value can be expressed in monetary terms, or in less tangible notions such as reputation. Synappz Mobile Health assists with the drawing-up of the business model. As experience has taught us, this task is not one to be taken lightly in the mHealth sector. We base ourselves on the Business Model Canvas of Business Model Inc., which has in the meantime become the standard in the field of Business Modeling.

The set-up of our workshops

Our workshops are led by certified moderators employed by Synappz Mobile Health. The objective is to create a highly interactive setting with ample opportunities for brainstorming. The duration of the workshops can vary, but typically a half-day session tends to suffice. We strongly recommend that the workshops include (end-) users to the greatest possible degree; this really increases the quality of the medical app in the long run. Should it not be possible for any users to be physically present during the workshops, we have the option of carrying out a Patient Journey; a unique way of involving the patient in the process.

We welcome the opportunity to sit down with you to find the best possible approach for the organization of the workshops. Please feel free to contact us.

We would love to hear from you!

Do you, just like us, have a dream, an idea or a vision that you would like to further develop or implement? Call us for an appointment and we will gladly welcome you to our offices in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.

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