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Patient Generated Health Data

According to scientists and certain optimistic enthusiasts, we might be ready to send the first person to Mars as early as 2034! Even as we speak, preparations are underway to give shape to this unimaginable challenge, and the eager queue…

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In cooperation with the primary school Elzeneind in Oss, Synappz organized and mentored a CodeKids day. Today children play a lot with tablets, laptops and mobile phones, and are often better at it than many adults. It seemed like a…

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Beta 3 Clinicards: a completely new design

Every self-respecting management book for startups will tell you that “no product survives its first contact with the users“. Experiencing this hard lesson firsthand, is something of a blessing as well as a curse. A curse because it utterly shatters…

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Spotlight on Technology: Virtual Reality

At Synappz we continue to stay abreast of new technology, including Virtual Reality. My intrinsic personal motivation to stay informed and to continue to feed my ‘inner geek' led me to attend several Virtual Reality meetups over the past few…

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Clinicards – The End of Medical Apps

There are times when a company reaches a tipping-point that determines its future course. Ford’s legendary T-model, Apple’s iPhone....when we poured our vision of mobile health into our first medical app (the ‘iP Plaslijst’ for urinary disorders) in 2012 we…

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