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Puck van Osch

Android by nature, but now also React Native. Became a mum recently and is getting used to it.

Jolanda Hutten

Export designer from NL to UK, manages projects and family.

Wouter van den Broek

iOS, Android, web and back-end, a bit of everything really, is opinionated.

Sander Baas

Design, and Dr Font, obsessed with candy and Volkswagen T1.

Jessica Seegers

UX and design, sometimes video.  Likes to ride a horse and anything that has to do with geeky-tech.

Roland van der Vliet

Economist, pharma background and thinks mHealth instead of pills is the way forward, networker.

Erik van der Zijden

EntrepreNerd and technogeek, likes to take control, plays around on the tatami.

Adam El Hassan

Passionate about making programming a part of his life. Just like gaming.

Gabe Mensinga

High quality awareness, loves efficiency. Arranges almost everything. Also likes to be under water.

Kim Kraft

React and Android. Used to like swimming in fjords, but thinks The Netherlands isn't that bad either.

Huib Hezemans

Quality flows through the blood. Just like information security. On the way to MDR.

Jack Leenders

Putting Synappz on the map, that is what Jack stands for. Loves to come over for a cup of coffee.

Alex Tigchelaar

Programs in multiple languages. Coming up with solutions is his strength; by the way make problems too.

Mark de Leeuw

Programs everything that comes his way. If you give him coffee, he will change it to code.

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