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Puck Van Osch

Puck van Osch

Android developer.

Jolanda Hutten

Jolanda Hutten

Export designer from NL to UK, manages projects and family.

Wouter Van Den Broek

Wouter van den Broek

iOS, Android, web and back-end, a bit of everything really, is opinionated.

Sander Baas

Sander Baas

Design, and Dr Font, obsessed with candy and Volkswagen T1.

Jessica Seegers

Jessica Seegers

UX and design, sometimes video, in a geeky way. Likes to ride a horse.

Roland Van Der Vliet

Roland van der Vliet

Economist, pharma background and thinks mHealth instead of pills is the way forward, networker.

Erik Van Der Zijden

Erik van der Zijden

EntrepreNerd and technogeek, likes to take control, plays around on the tatami.

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