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The time that a spot in the App Store was a guarantee for downloads has come and gone. Gaining recognition for your app will take time and effort on your behalf. In our opinion, a medical app needs to be regarded as a brand in its own right that needs to be built up. Synappz Mobile Health has all the necessary know-how and expertise to help you achieve just that.

Marketing a Medical App

The journey kicks off with determining the positioning of your app and choosing the most optimal communication channels. What’s the output you desire for each channel and how will you go about measuring that? Sometimes the available budget is limited and so we will need to call upon creativity to get the job done…

Determining the app’s position

Medical apps are a product that need to conquer a place in the market amidst about 285.000 other medical apps. How can yours stand out amongst all those competitors? We always start off with the positioning of the app. What image do you want your medical app to have? How will it distinguish itself? A strong positioning statement will get you started on the right track and will be the basis of the app’s overall representation.

Offline marketing

The power of offline communications is not to be neglected. Imagine a simple flyer that flaunts the features and benefits of the app and that can be mailed to patient organizations and hospitals. Make posters to be displayed at congresses relevant to the field of clinical expertise at hand. Talk to ‘Key Opinion Leaders’ and give them a free download of the app; they may even be willing to test and review the app. And finally, press releases can be valuable. The media tend to always be on the lookout for news-worthy content, and, who knows, maybe your app could grab someone’s interest and be featured.

Online marketing

It goes without saying that the app will require a strong online presence in order to grab any attention. Social media, a dedicated web site (mandatory for Apple apps), and possibly SEO and SEA are a great way forward, but one shouldn’t overlook the App/Play Stores. We use several methods to optimize findability in these digital shops. We can also identify blogs that are relevant to your medical app and hook on to these, or connect with compatible users online. One of the most powerful instruments is a dedicated video. Creating a video will enable you to showcase which problems your app addresses and how it helps to resolve them.

What is the expected return?

Money can only stretch so far, and unfortunately marketing can be quite a costly affair. You need to be mindful of the fact that these marketing costs are an investment that should be covered by any turnover generated by your app. A good business model will take these costs into account. It is important to determine which channels and tools will ensure the highest return on investment. Giving advance thought to the objectives of the campaign and optimally measuring its results are paramount.

We would love to hear from you!

Do you want to know more about creating Mobile Health applications? We are always happy to take the time to better explain our processes so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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